5 Marketing trends you need to know about in 2017

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We all saw digital marketing and social media boom last year. From Facebook debuting Facebook live to marketers honing in on the power of social media advertising, we all tweaked our marketing strategies to meet increasing online demands. Here are some of our predictions for what’s in store this year:

1. Live video streaming will dominate

If you’re not leveraging live video streaming in your digital marketing strategy, then you’re missing out. Audiences eat up live video streaming because, well, it’s real. In a world of pop-up ads, people crave authenticity. Yes, going live puts you in a vulnerable position, but it also gives you an opportunity to have a real conversation with youse customers.

2. Mobile will trump desktop

It’s basically a fact now. More people are on their phones than laptops. If you’re looking to revamp your website in 2017, make sure to emphasize mobile responsiveness, as pretty much everyone and their dog is on their phones all day every day now.

3. Algorithms will change. Then change again.

Facebook did it, then Instagram did it. Algorithms (this includes social media and SEO) are continuously changing to keep digital marketers on their toes. A digital strategy launched last month is probably already stale. Keeping up with changing algorithms will be paramount to launching successful media campaigns in 2017. (If this terrifies you, then give us a call. We can help you out!)

4. Increased personalization

Netflix, Amazon and Spotify are just a few companies that champion personalization in optimizing their customer experience. This one-on-one marketing style will slowly become more critical as brands finds way to freshen their messaging in the new year.

5. Millennials will reign

Millennials have the largest piece of the marketing pie right now. When considering your 2017 digital marketing strategy, make sure to keep this group in mind. What will millennials crave in 2017? Personalization, personalization and more personalization.

One marketing secret all brands leverage

Empathy is perhaps the most sought after trait in quality digital marketing. Why? Because it works every time — if done right. So, how does empathy present itself in the digital marketing context?

We see examples of it every day. Google Photos recently released a commercial that resonated with almost everyone who uses an iPhone.

This is a pretty simplistic approach. It appeals to something almost all of us have experienced at least once — running out of phone storage.

Empathetic marketing has a high appeal because it’s relatable marketing. It’s comparable to reaching out of the screen, patting someone on the back and saying “hey, I know how you feel.” This sense of closeness in effect creates a sense of trustworthiness. And, as we all know, trust is critical when it comes to purchasing habits. If your audience trusts you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

There are so many ways to go about conveying empathy in your marketing, but here are a few easy tips to get you started:

Get to know your target audience

If you’re not a part of your target audience, then getting to know who your target audience is will be critical to establishing a strong connection. An OK approach to getting to know your audience could be sending out a survey. A great approach to getting to know your audience is actually spending time with them. Get in their shoes and find out who they are.

Read what they read, watch what they watch

Explore the likes and dislikes of your target customer. This could involve reading magazines they frequently read, or watching TV programs they watch. Find out what they’re talking about and join in on the conversation through digital marketing.

Become their advocate

In all your digital marketing, you should strive to have an advocacy tone. After all, you’re trying to make your customers life a little better through your product — you’re trying to provide a solution for their problems. Know their pain points.