the marketing industry is terrible, so we decided to change it!

Business owners are often promised leads, sales, or return on investment (ROI) from marketers who push  a product. The product could be radio ads, local citations, SEO, SEM, social media plans or another current marketing trend. Business owners often walk away from agencies wondering “what did I pay for?” or “did that even work?” At dotedison, we know that while sales and marketing complement each other, they are simultaneously two different things. We are not here to push a product but to set you on a marketing foundation to effectively convey your message.We help our clients understand the goal of marketing for their businesses and then implement successful strategies.


First, we review your business as a whole to better understand the value you provide for your clients. We show you how to use the technology and other methods to save time, and we develop your message to deliver in the most effective way for your business. How are we changing the landscape? The simple answer is with integrity, education, and giving the power back to the business owner.One by one, each client is realizing he or she  cannot set it and forget it. Marketing is one of the major pillars of your business, is ever-changing, and requires constant work. We can help. Each business must choose one of three choices:


Do Nothing “I have no marketing budget!”

Every business must have a marketing budget- without it, the business will die.


gearsUse Internal Resources “My admin uses Facebook!”

This strategy is common, but piecing together your marketing efforts is ineffective and costly. Would you use the internal resource with no guidance in other areas of your business?