3 Facebook Metrics That Impact Your Marketing Results

Facebook Marketing

How healthy is your business’ Facebook page? Time for a checkup! We’re not doing a full physical today, we’ll just be looking at 3 Facebook metrics that impact your marketing results.


1. High traffic times

When are your followers online? When did they “like” your posts? That’s the time you should post, to increase the odds that your posts will be seen by as many of your followers as possible. Keep in mind your high traffic time will differ from another business, so asking your associate when their page gets the most traffic isn’t going to help you.

How are you doing? Head to Facebook Insights>Overview>Your 5 Most Recent Posts.

2. Impressions

Do you know how many times one person is seeing one of your posts? Once, twice, three times? Ideally, you want every customer to see a single post 7 times. While this may sound like a lot, research shows that seeing a single ad or post 7 times is how many times it takes before a person will act on it. In the marketing world, these “seen” incidents are known as impressions.

How are you doing? Head to Facebook Insights>Posts>Reach>Impressions.

3. Reach

How many people are you reaching? Why did one post reach more people than another? You’ve probably heard about social media’s migration to algorithm-type feeds. Because of this information delivery system, your content could be on point, on message, and delivered at a peak time and only a few people see it. Hundreds of followers could be waiting and wanting to hear what you have to say, but you’re not working with “The Algorithm.” This could cripple your marketing efforts. Don’t lose hope if your reach is poor at the moment. There are multiple ways to expand your reach.

How are you doing? Head to Facebook Insights>”Reach” column or “Reach drop-down menu” (look for a small, yellow box)

Hopefully, you feel a bit more empowered as you analyze your Facebook insights and figure out what you need to keep doing the same as well as what you need to do differently. As always, our team is ready to help you navigate it all! So feel free to reach out if you have questions.