4 Practical Branding Tips for Your Business

Close your eyes. Think about a few different companies like Nike, H&M, Under Armor, and Target.

What do they all have in common? A brand image. Their branding strategies are so strong, that just about anyone would recognize their logos, their colors, and what they stand for as a company.

Having a brand image will help to get the word out about your business, build awareness, and build customer loyalty. 

Keep reading for 4 branding tips that you need to be using in your business strategy!

1. Go Sustainable

For starters, being a sustainable business draws people’s attention to you right away. 

With climate change being a hot topic in our everyday lives, people want to know that the businesses that they are backing and shopping from are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. 

If you are a clothing company, you can use sustainable materials. If you are a cleaning company, you can choose organic and non-toxic cleaning supplies. The list goes on.

2. Use Unique Marketing Techniques

branding tips

Having a marketing strategy is key to getting your branding out into the public eye. Having a unique marketing strategy can make this stand out even more.

Consider using user-generated content as part of your marketing technique. This is often more real and more relatable to your audience. To do this, start with creating a hashtag that people can use so you can find their images, or you can also ask for images to be sent to your social media account.

Staying up-to-date with social media, like using short-form videos, is also a great marketing technique. 

3. Display Your Values

Your values as a business are another vital component to creating your distinct brand. Advertising these values for your customers to see is part of the branding process.

This can be displayed in your mission statement, your tagline, or even through images that you post on your social media and website.

4. Create a Vision for Your Design 

A huge part of your branding is your logo, your colors, and the fonts you use. You need to stay consistent across platforms as well as on social media and your website to really have your design become your brand.

For instance, when you see a yellow M, you probably think of McDonald’s. When you see a Nike swoosh, you automatically think about the Nike company (even if it is just a checkmark!).

Having a clear vision for your design will help with your branding. Hiring professionals to create the design is also a great idea if you are not as creative as you’d like to be!

Branding Tips to Build Your Brand

Building a brand isn’t easy. You have to grab the attention of potential customers and keep the attention of current ones.

To do this, you need to ensure you are following these branding tips by being clear about your vision, your values, and your marketing. From there, the rest will come.

If you need help with creating your brand identity, you can contact us! We can help you with your business needs.