4 Tips to Help Your Business Generate More Clients via Social Media

So you’ve opened up a social media account for your business, and now you’re keen to get started. Regardless of whether you are joining Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter; there are some golden rules that you should bear in mind if you are going to gain clients using these platforms.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to develop your social media account into a lead generator that can help to build your brand and increase your share of the market. Read on!

Build a Community, Not a Client Base

Don’t set out to only attract clients to your social media platforms . . . this just isn’t realistic. It’s better for your brand, and your business, if you aim to build a community around the subject related to your product or service. This means that not everyone who follows or likes your page will buy anything, but they could contribute to a community which will boost your account, strengthen your brand, and in turn, increase your client base.

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Offer Content of Value

In order to build your social media community, you are going to need to give it a reason to visit your page and follow or like. Simply listing your products or showcasing your services isn’t going to cut it – after all, if we were just looking to buy something, wouldn’t we be more likely to use a search engine or look on Amazon? Whether you are entertaining, informing, problem-solving, or piquing interest, the principle is the same; offer content that provides value. It could be how to guides, amusing videos, round-ups and reviews, or informational articles. In order to give people a reason to visit your page and develop a brand which is trusted in your particular niche, you should offer your social media audience content of value.

Don’t Give Your Followers “The Hard Sell”

Following on from the point above, don’t be too upfront with your sales tactics in order to go for a quick conversion. Building a social media community takes time. If you use the right inbound marketing tactics– that is, marketing that invites your audience to make the first moves, such as providing an email address or enquiring– you can protect the integrity of your social media platform while also ensuring that the leads you do generate are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Be Consistent, and Read the Room

How do you post on your personal social media accounts? Are you the kind of person that will make a flurry of posts before going silent for a few months? This is the exact opposite of how you should approach a business account. You should aim to be consistent, posting every day if possible. Use social media scheduling tools to make the process easier and ensure you have an even spread of content. Finally, read the room. If there are some kinds of posts that see a lot of engagement, and others that haven’t been as effective, give your audience more of what they like.

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