5 Mobile Apps Every Marketer Should Have

A recent study found that the average person checks their phone approximately 150 times a day. Whether we’re responding to texts, checking email or checking the time — that’s a lot of time we spend with our phones every day. And while there are thousands of mobile apps out there, some apps help marketers more than others. We sifted through the mobile app clutter and curated a list of 5 apps we believe to be the most beneficial for the modern-day marketer:

Marketer Top Mobile Apps

1.Evernote: You never know when inspiration will strike. By providing an easy outlet to jot down all your genius ideas, Evernote has provided a simple way to create a bank of ideas that your can draw from later. Plus, it’s a lot prettier than keeping crumpled up napkins and receipts in your wallet or purse with scribbled down thoughts even the best calligrapher could never decipher.

2.AP Stylebook: Whether you hail from j-school (journalism school) or have a background in PR, the AP Stylebook still hails as the grammar and word usage bible for almost any respectable publication. Keep this app in hand for the next time you’re wondering where to put your comma.


3.Trello: If you work within or manage a marketing team, Trello can be especially helpful. This mobile app simplifies to-do lists and allows each team member to have a “board” where they can list out tasks they are working on and task they’ve completed.

4.Hootsuite: This mobile app allows you to schedule, monitor and measure all your social media accounts in one place. Hootsuite, currently, can manage your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts.

5.Dropbox: For filing away high-res images and other large files, Dropbox is the way to go. Dropbox eliminates the issue of too-large files that slow down email. Simply share a link  and you’re good to go.