5 Quick Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

For small to medium-sized businesses, social media is a vital tool to develop marketing and customer engagement. It can mean more website traffic, brand recognition, and a broader client base.

We have put this article together to outline five ways you can engage your social media audience quickly and how you can measure your success.

How to Measure Your Social Media Engagement

The primary social media platforms for businesses in 2022 will be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Each of these platforms offers a business (or creator) profile you can switch your account to. This offers you detailed performance analytics and promotion features.

You should measure social media engagement through a number of different ways to ensure a comprehensive perspective. The most effective measurement tools are follower retention rates (overall count change), engagement rate (likes, comments, and shares per 100 followers), story interaction, and profile visits.

1. Change up Your Content

Posting photos that look too ad-like get swiped past a lot more than photos that look more realistic and eye-catching. The human brain often auto-associates polished images with stock photos or adverts and doesn’t engage with them. Don’t be afraid to show some variety in your photos, use customer-sent photos, or experiment with different images.

New trends see a lot more engagement because they’re current. By simply browsing through your platform of choice a few times a day, you can get up-to-date with what’s hot right now. It’s easy to spend a day or two developing your own posts to fit the trends, tailored around your business.


3. Hashtags and Tags Should Be Your Best Friend

You already know that you should be including hashtags in every post and caption, but did you know you should also be following them? On most social media platforms, there is an option to follow a hashtag and see daily feeds under it. Ensure you’re following the hashtags that your target market is following so you know what they’re engaging with and you can copy it.

4. Use Interactive Buttons on Stories

Facebook and Instagram both host stories – a feature where your post is live for just 24 hours. On these, you can include interactive buttons that your followers can click on and engage with. Experiment with polls, questions, asks, links, quizzes, and music to see what garners the best response and keep changing it up to keep your profile interesting.

5. Respond to Comments, but Go Above and Beyond

Reply to every comment on your post and ensure that each time you’re sending a personal response to that follower. Never resort to a canned or a copy and paste response – you want to sound genuine and human.

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