6 Movies with Great Lessons on Management and Leadership

Management in Movies

If you thought that movies were just for relaxing and entertainment, think again! We can actually learn a lot from them, especially in the areas of management and leadership. The following are some lessons that you can learn from great movies!


1) Up in the Air (2009)

Are you an HR professional? Then you would love this movie! This movie teaches us that letting go of people is never easy and that organizations are about more than their processes. They’re about their greatest asset: their people!

2) The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

It is impossible to watch this movie and not learn a lesson about dedication, loyalty, persistence, and perseverance. Although the movie is quite a tear-jerker, it stresses the value of landing a job and how this moment of pride can soon be forgotten.

3) The Social Network (2010)

Here we learn that if you are able to identify a need that is not currently being satisfied, you have a great opportunity available to you! Anything you do afterward can either be successful or a failure, but it is important to have self-courage as this can often lead to success.

4) Invictus (2009)

Invictus shows us what true leadership is all about. If you are an inspirational, bold and charismatic leader, you can achieve great things!

5) Wall Street (1987)

With the backdrop of the world’s most famous stock market, this movie emphasizes a dilemma that we all often face in our careers: should we stay true to who we are, our values, ethics, and principles or do we give in to greed and power?

6) Office Space (1999)

Office Space portrays a humorous view of the average workplace. However, it also touches on the frustrations and professional challenges of its workers. Whether they are being underpaid, under-appreciated or even alienated, most employee complaints are covered in this classic movie! Office Space teaches us there is never a wrong time to be courageous. True confidence will inspire others to follow you.