A Look at Consumer Behaviors Online in 2018

Consumer Behavior

“Ok, Google…”
“Siri, what is…”
“Alexa, turn off the…”

consumer behavior

As sci-fi as it sounds, we’re now in an era where we’re not just turning to our devices in search of information, but verbally ask them questions and favors with our voice. You can ask Google to host you an interactive trivia game, or ask Alexa to set the mood for a romantic evening by dimming the lights. If you ever need news, weather, directions, or social interaction, you can literally speak to the internet and ask.

The rise of micro-moments

This is what micro-moments are–consumers, curious individuals, friends turning to cyberspace to meet their physical, social, and informational needs in-the-moment. “It’s clear that the centrality of micro-moments—for consumers and marketers alike—is as important as ever. It’s an entrenched behavior—micro-moments are only multiplying. People can’t remember what it was like to not be able to learn, do, or buy things when the need struck by reaching for the device in their pocket.” Source: thinkwithgoogle.com

Question-oriented content

As consumers turn more and more to their devices for split-second answers and favors, marketers may wonder how on earth they are going to keep up with the demands. As you create content for your website, ask yourself what sort of questions will lead consumers to your site. What is your audience seeking and then finding with your site? Consumers in 2018 are approaching the internet with thought out, specific questions, as opposed to a sloppy collection of words. This means that you, as the expert, have to be prepared with an answer (or someone else will).

When it comes to connecting with consumers, run the marathon not the sprint. DotEdison’s team is experienced with consumer behavior and can assist you in shaping your website to be the answer to your consumer’s questions. Creating personal, informative, valuable content isn’t easy. But the time and effort you spend into creating quality content will pay off big in the long run.