Why Your Business Needs Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is Growing

This is the digital era. Technology has been evolving at a rapid rate and it will only continue to advance. So if not for any other reason than this, your business needs internet marketing.

Numerous studies have shown us that internet usage has only increased in the past 17 years or so and continues to increase. The upcoming generation has no clue what dial-up internet is, and it’s possible they won’t even know what a telemarketer is in the future! They’re not paying attention to billboards. They’re hardly watching ads on television. All they know is high speed wi-fi, ads within their newsfeeds, and buying what they want by lightly tapping a touchscreen. This means, in order to maintain your business’ visibility, your online marketing strategies have to keep up.

Know and adapt to your audience.

The face of internet marketing is constantly shifting. This makes it tricky to navigate. What works for one business may not work for another. Try not to be overwhelmed by the tide, though. Start by simply finding out what internet platforms your audience uses the most and focus on those. Could your business benefit from a blog or an email newsletter? What age/demographic is your audience? You may have to learn a totally new platform in order to cater to your audience, but the payoff will be worth it.

internet marketing

Keep your audience engaged.

Keeping your audience engaged requires diligence and discipline. Internet marketing is all about first impressions. You don’t have unlimited time to “make a pitch,” because all you have to do to move on is keep scrolling. With so many people browsing the internet on their phones, something as simple as making your website mobile-friendly can be huge. According to Global WebIndex, 87% of internet users now have a smartphone.

So find out what you don’t know and use that knowledge to further your business. For example, posting regularly (but not too often) and posting at peak internet usage times can be extremely beneficial. Also, paying attention to things like online reviews can be very enlightening. Interact with your audience! If someone comments on your social media post, emails you, or reviews your business on Google or Yelp, don’t ignore it. Be sure to respond graciously and professionally. If they had a bad experience with your business, try to make things right. If they had a positive experience, verbalize how grateful you are for their praise. It’s the little things like this that will make you stand out against your competition.

Ask your audience what they want.

You don’t have to wait to hear from your clients to know what they want. Ask your clients for feedback as you go and reward them for being a customer in the first place. Do they want to be notified of sales or deals via text? Make signing up for that a breeze. What has been their favorite product so far? Run a special on popular choices. Do they want a behind-the-scenes peek at your business or tutorials on how to use your product? Start up a YouTube account. Show your customers you are listening to what they want. Let them know you aim to please.

If want to use the internet to propel your business forward, we’ve got the internet marketing strategies you need. Click below to get started with DotEdison. Our team is ready to help you navigate the complicated and ever-changing horizon of the digital marketing world.