City of Gardendale

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One vision and 11 departments.

The city of Gardendale Alabama is a city on the rise. The proximity to Birmingham and continual growth have made it a perfect place for residents and business owners. Our goal was to help each department to have access to a true marketing toolset that would be guided by a direction that would continue to grow this amazing city. From the library website, pictures, videos, proposals, presentations, coloring books, and more.

Marketing assets for this municipality and internal departments

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As Mayor of Gardendale, my hope for this city to be greater year after year. Dotedison has been instrumental in helping us achieve branding and consistency that aligns with our city goals. I could not recommend them enough!

- Stan Hogeland

Mayor of Gardendale

Statistical Results

After 4 months of launching the Gardendale Public Library website, we saw an 11% increase in stats. Brand Identity has been our major focus but we are excited to get more integrated into the City of Gardendale's operations.