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WorkFaith Birmingham saw a need in the community for training on how to apply, get, and maintain a job, particularly when indviduals’ backgrounds were difficult to explain. They’ve worked with over 1,000 job-seekers, but in addition to this, WorkFaith was looking to expand the job opportunities for program graduates. With these two target markets in mind, our team got to work on tactics that were action-oriented, getting both job seekers and hirers to engage.

Marketing Assets for This Birmingham Employment Assistance Program

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When I initially contacted Dotedison for marketing assistance, I hoped that WorkFaith Birmingham would reach a larger audience of people needing our services. In addition to increasing our exposure, the Dotedison team created an entire new website that donors, volunteers, and clients find to be very user-friendly. The support team also helps each month to create emails and blog posts that provide our organization with new opportunities to 'Empower lives through work and faith.'

- Andy Blake

WorkFaith Birmingham

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Our model is to become part of each client's team. We are an extension of their business. Visually the impact for WorkFaith Birmingham was huge, but giving the right identity to an already awesome business is a credit to our team's strategy, research, and creativity. In just 1 year you can see they have gotten a massive return on their investment with our team.


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