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Bama Auto Glass had tried several marketing options prior to working with dotedison. They were frustrated by undelivered promises and random invoices. Looking for a partner that would focus on the success of their unique industry they signed up with dotedison. Since 2019 Bama Auto Glass has seen results in visibility, engagement, and conversions. This is the one of the main reasons they work with us years later!

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The branding needed to stay close to the assets he had (vehicle wraps) but be updated. We had a total of 4 different logos we needed to pull into a single brand.

Then we needed to approach getting ads running, promotional items purchased, and his phone ringing.

In the end, we accomplished all of our goals and have helped his business keep a full schedule of work. He has even grown enough to start a second business!

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We’ve had some record days in the last few days and this is our slow season. Keep up the good work! We’re starting to book 2 days ahead and we have never done that, like ever!

- Chris Cassidy

Bama Auto Glass

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