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After 1 year (during a pandemic), the results for Bama Health Foods working with our team were evident.  We are now a core part of the Bama Health Foods team. Our model has helped save time and money while adding true value to this store and community!

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It is all about Community and Great Partnerships!


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Bama Health Foods store is an amazing company that has a solid purpose to help nourish their community. Our goal was to provide that same effort and excellence in the marketing for this owner’s vision.

From print items, promotional gifts, social media graphics, website design, and everything in between we have become a trusted asset to our friends at Bama Health Foods.

It is such a pleasure to work with someone with a heart like Jacquie Fazekas. If you are in the area you should stop by her store and meet her. You will be educated and better off just to know her (we know we are)!

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"Dotedison does a great job. The work they do represents us well. Love love love! They are amazing!!!!!!!"

- Jacquie Fazekas

Bama Health Foods

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