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Walter, the driving force behind Clean 85, sought to enhance his brick-and-mortar cleaning supplies business into a modern ecommerce brand. With a commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction, Walter aimed to leverage dotedison, expand his reach, and compete in the online market.

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Building a Brand and eCommerce for Clean 85 Service & Supply


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Over the course of our collaboration, we navigated the challenges of rebranding and established a successful online store, redefining Clean 85’s identity and market presence.

Strategies Implemented:

  1. Holistic Rebranding: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Clean 85’s core values and audience, resulting in a modern, versatile brand identity that retained familiarity while embracing innovation.
  2. Ecommerce Development: Our team designed and developed a user-friendly ecommerce platform, optimizing it for both desktop and mobile users.
  3. Product Showcase: High-quality imagery, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews were emphasized to provide a comprehensive shopping experience.
  4. Digital Marketing: A strategic digital marketing plan was executed, including targeted social media campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing.
  5. SEO and Content: Optimized product descriptions, educational blog posts, and SEO techniques were employed to enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic.

Results Achieved: The collaborative efforts yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Brand Transformation: Clean 85’s rebranding successfully preserved its legacy while positioning it as a contemporary and approachable ecommerce brand.
  • Ecommerce Success: The newly launched ecommerce store showcased a user-friendly interface, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.
  • Expansive Reach: Strategic digital marketing efforts boosted Clean 85’s online presence, attracting a broader audience and driving higher traffic.
  • Sustainable Growth: Clean 85 experienced a consistent increase in online sales, solidifying its position in the ecommerce cleaning supplies market.

Conclusion: The partnership between Walter of Clean 85 and our team exemplifies the power of a strategic approach to branding and ecommerce. Through rebranding, thoughtful website development, and targeted digital marketing, Clean 85 evolved into a successful ecommerce brand, expanding its reach and impact. This case study underscores the synergy between an innovative entrepreneur and a dedicated branding and ecommerce partner in achieving transformative growth.


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We appreciate everyone at dotedison and all the team does to help us!


Clean 85 Service & Supply

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