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Dunaway DDS, led by Dr. Lige Dunaway, has been providing top-tier dental care to its community for several years. While maintaining a strong local reputation, the clinic recognized the need to evolve its marketing strategies to stay relevant in the digital age. Recognizing the evolving landscape of patient engagement, the clinic partnered with dotedison, a creative force known for their expertise in digital marketing strategies tailored to the dental industry.


Elevating Dental Marketing & Patient Engagement

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Crafting a compelling dental strategy and branding was paramount in Dunaway DDS’s transformative journey, guided by the expert hand of dotedison. Together, they meticulously sculpted a cohesive identity that encapsulated both the clinic’s unwavering commitment to dental excellence and dotedison’s prowess in digital artistry. The strategy began by distilling Dunaway DDS’s core values and strengths, infusing them into every facet of their digital presence. From a revitalized website design reflecting modern dental aesthetics to a vibrant social media narrative that demystified oral care, the collaboration ingeniously interwove dental expertise with innovative digital strategies

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I love your plan and appreciate your help !!!

- Lige Dunaway

Dunaway DDS

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