Since 2016 dotedion started working with EnviroSpray. At that point a harmonious blend of ecological equilibrium and impressive business growth started for both companies. As Austin, the visionary force behind EnviroSpray, recounts, “We were on a mission to amplify the impact of our environmentally conscious services. But it wasn’t until we crossed paths with dotedison that our vision truly sprouted wings.” The stage was set, and the journey began and still continues as you are reading this case study!


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AWP represents the start of Austin’s vision but he needed a brand that could grow. He also wanted something that would stand out against competitors but it was simple to understand his service and mission. With an arsenal of cutting-edge marketing strategies and an innate understanding of EnviroSpray’s values, dotedison brought forth a campaign that spoke directly to the hearts of environmentally-conscious consumers. Through skillful storytelling and captivating visuals, they revealed the breathtaking metamorphosis of neglected landscapes into thriving oases

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Investing in your marketing is essential for success. Dotedison has been more than a marketing vendor and closer to a business partner. They are excellent to work with and should be an easy decision for any business!

- Austin Phillips


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