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Paul worked with us on So he knew how we could help his business Gauntlet Fitness. The true test was how we would custom this work compared to the other. In the end, membership is up, and for us, that is a win/win situation for all involved.


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Consolidation, Effectiveness, and Results and the gains in partnering with dotedison for Gauntlet Fitness. When Paul with Gauntlet reached out, he was working with 3 different vendors. After seeing how we worked with, he knew there was a better way. We consolidated those three vendors into a solid partnership, saving time and money. This also added effectiveness that provided the results they had needed since the pain of the pandemic. There is nothing better than getting a call from a client that says "I just want yall to know we hit every goal we needed to, and your team was a part of that!"

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Great place! Instructors are great and they have new workouts every day so youre never bored

- Moshe Rube

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