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Meet Paul, the driving force behind Gauntlet Fitness, a testament to his dedication and vision. Our case study looks at the transformative partnership between Paul and dotedison, which revolutionized Gauntlet Fitness’s digital presence and impact. Paul also is a founding partner at FitFive and you can see there case study here!

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Through a strategic efforts with dotedison services, Gauntlet Fitness underwent a profound evolution. Online visibility surged, catapulting the brand from local recognition to global resonance. Purposeful digital strategies ignited meaningful connections, cultivating a thriving community which is essential for fitness growth. This collaboration not only enhanced conversions but also propelled Gauntlet Fitness forward in the fitness industry, marking it as a staple of the Homewood, AL community and a beacon of inspiration for those choosing a healthier lifestyle.

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We have grown 25% and that was a big milestone for us, Y'all impress me more and more each week :)

- Paul Shunnarah

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