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In this partnership, a dynamic dotedison joins hands with a Iron City Dentistry practice to amplify smiles and create lasting impressions. Our journey encapsulates the fusion of creative prowess and healthcare excellence, as we delve into how strategic marketing can illuminate the path for a dentistry company, making pearly whites and client satisfaction our ultimate goals.”

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Crafting Bright Smiles, Together: Uniting Marketing Goals with Dental Care


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The collaboration between dotedison and the Iron City Dentistry yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Appointment Growth: Appointment bookings has had a steady rise in new patient acquisitions. The targeted digital campaigns and informative content successfully converted online interest into tangible appointments.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The practice’s brand visibility skyrocketed, with its website climbing the ranks on search engine results pages. Social media engagement saw a significant uptick as well, as the practice became a go-to resource for oral health queries.
  • Community Trust: By actively engaging in community events, the practice solidified its position as a trusted healthcare provider. Patients appreciated the practice’s commitment to education and outreach, leading to an increase in word-of-mouth referrals.

Conclusion: Through a well-executed collaboration with dotedison, the dentistry practice not only achieved its goal of amplifying appointment bookings but also positioned itself as a respected figure in the community. The case exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic marketing in augmenting brand visibility, fostering community relationships, and ultimately, driving success in the field of dental care.”

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The appointment cards you designed look GREAT! Thank you for all you do for us!

- Dr Frese

Iron City Dentistry

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