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A local online paper that will be the #1 news source in their district in 6 months, this is EXACTLY what we achieved when working with the people at the North Jefferson Post. The launch of this paper had their competition scrambling trying to copy them at every turn. The strategic difference was they partnered with dotedison.

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The North Jefferson Post was started for one reason, "to Positively impact the perception and information regarding our community." The marketing strategy was to connect, and leverage social, ad spend, SEO, and online resources to gain traction. Once traction was gained the next step is to gain others on board to assist with their mission. Well done NJP! We at dotedison are glad we can be a part of positive influence in the North Jefferson Community.

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Thanks so much to North Jefferson Post for this article!!! We are so blessed to be part of this great community in our loved Gardendale!!

- Monitas Bakery

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