Change is Unavoidable Learn How to Embrace It


For many Americans, the first half of 2020 held quite a bit of change. With the sweep of COVID-19, businesses, the economy, and even family landscapes shifted. Your business and your home were, no doubt, affected in some way by this. Perhaps you had to juggle your children learning from home while simultaneously working from home. Perhaps you lost customers or had to let employees go in order to stay afloat. As Americans, we are known for our resilience and creativity, our ability to “make it work” and make the best of things. But just because we have grit doesn’t mean we aren’t deeply affected by change. So how do we face the unexpected fearlessly and, dare we say, embrace change?

Come to terms with the fact that change is inevitable.

Change is unavoidable. While there are many aspects of business we can control such as how hard we work and the quality of our efforts, other factors are simply outside our control. In order to embrace change, we have to remember that it is inevitable. Knowing and expecting it to happen may sound like a pessimistic approach to life. But it simply means we learn the art of flexibility. Bracing ourselves for change makes us adaptable when it finally comes, and adaptable people are a force to be reckoned with.


Look for the potential that often lies beyond the new and scary things in life.

Think back to a time when you were suddenly thrust into something new, scary, or different. Did you notice growth, success, profit, or joy once the difficult season passed? No one likes to change very much. But without it, we would stay stuck where we are, making the same mistakes over and over, blind to the possibilities. John Maxwell said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” When the tides turn and new or difficult circumstances come, we have a choice: become overwhelmed by it or face it with resolve, knowing it will bear fruit eventually.

How have you embraced change so far this year?

We at dotedison are committed to embracing change. Change is scary. And sometimes it is so imposing that it seems like the best thing to do is reject it and stubbornly dig our heels in while we push it away. But fighting the natural ebb and flow of life is, ultimately, a waste of effort and poor use of time. Kind of like swimming against a rip current instead of swimming along the shore. Here at dotedison, we face change head-on. When change comes, we roll up our sleeves and link arms, so that we can all come out the other side of it stronger and better together.