Create the Right Mindset for Success

Who in your life do you talk to the most frequently? Taking a little time to consider, you might create a list of possibilities in your head. It is likely to contain your partner, kids, parents, work colleagues, wider family, friends, and so on.

But have you placed anywhere on that list the person you actually speak to the most often… yourself? The vast majority of such dialogue is internal. Interestingly, when it’s external, it’s often critical: “Why did I do that,” “You forgot to,” and the like.

Your Guiding Internal Voice

In terms of being, becoming, or remaining successful, this voice is best described as your mindset. And like the external examples just mentioned, it can too often be a negative, critical, or limiting.

So, the first step towards a better, more successful, mindset is to listen to and analyze the contribution your internal voice makes towards your attitudes and behaviors.

Mindset for Success

Seek Growth Rather Than Limitations

Negativity can be due to an inner “can’t do this” belief. If you lack confidence, then subconsciously, you’ll seek, and then accept, evidence to confirm this position. What is often called a fixed mindset is, usually, a negative one. It can form a barrier that, if not recognized and dealt with, is seen as insurmountable.

On the other hand, a positive mindset is open to challenge and change, learning and using. This means what would be seen as a difficult, even impossible challenge, can be re-calibrated as a fun one. When something goes wrong, rather than it having huge negative connotations, it might even be dealt with using a touch of humor. Technology can be seen as an ally, rather than feared as an enemy!

When You Make the Choice to Grow

You can train your mindset, turning it into positive thinking, by openly recognizing praise and criticism, setbacks or challenges. Knowing how to interpret such events, rather than just unthinkingly accepting them, means you look for solutions and strategies. You seek out ways to expand your skill-set and stretch yourself, rather than drawing your thoughts inward.

Become Timely

A great way to accept limitations is to place them in the present rather than treating them as established in your past. Example: “I don’t know how to do that” can become: “I don’t know how to do that yet.” Turning a negative phrase around is another option. Here, “I’ve never been able to…” can be changed to “I need to find out how to…”

A movie director calls “action” before each scene. As you direct yourself forward, then your mindset needs to have the same focus.

Two More Helpers

In developing the mindset to move you forward, here’s another good read: Our earlier article “3 Incredible Things You Get from Finding Your Why” is a terrific insight into a working mindset.

Finally, here’s a quote for you to remember; sadly, the original author is unknown. It’s just five words long. Keep it with you as you build that positive mindset: “Make your optimism come true.”

To talk more about creating a mindset for success, our dotedison experts are ready for an important conversation. So, contact us today!