Defining dotedison to inspire!

We have always wanted to work at an innovative company. A team that pushes each other to grow, learn, and helps others. Often we found ourselves in places that wanted me to “live to work” instead of “work to live”.

The Start of Our Brand

On May 14th, 2014 we started talking about branding for this company. As soon as names like Caliber Digital, Redsquid, Razorfish, Perfect Storm, and Saucy Strategy would be born they would be killed by another team member (certainly glad we did not settle). Focusing on the company’s culture we wanted a name to convey something more than uniqueness, we wanted it to convey innovation but also the concept of “working to live” not “living to work”,

Innovation for his Time

As a group of people who love history and symbolism, we felt like Edison was recognized as someone who provided innovation for his time, the same goes for the word Tesla (unless you were around in the 80’s which quickly takes you to hair metal). In reading on Thomas Edison we noticed his first two children were nicknamed dot and dash (due to his love for Morse code). As we researched, we found a clip from a Cincinnati news article from Thursday, November 26, 1931, that read:

“One day Oeser asked his father-in-law which of his inventions he regarded as best. Edison turned to his daughter, looked at her smilingly and answered: My best invention? You married her.”

Dotedison is about Family

Karl Oscar Oeser was the husband of Marion “Dot” Estelle Edison, Thomas Edison’s daughter. This struck a chord with us, since out of all his innovations, fame and awards what he regarded as best was his family. Even the most brilliant of people miss that time is the only true capital. Our brand dotedison reminds us family is more important than success and innovation is only as good as the time it saves us.