Do You Have the Guts to Fix Up Old Content?

Fixing Old Content

You’ve probably heard about the Fixer Upper craze that has been sweeping the nation. Millions of people have been inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines and their knack for turning outdated homes into design masterpieces. But have you ever thought about giving the good bones of your old content a fresh new look?

Old Content

Your old content is full of potential!

If every business attempted to create brand new content, bi-monthly, for years on end… they would simply run out of content! Unless you’re a news source, it’s almost impossible to do. Curating engaging, original content that is SEO-friendly, memorable, etc. takes a lot of creativity and time. And most businesses want to serve their audience in a particular way, so that limits the topics you can cover even more. Do you feel like you’ve already said everything there is to say? Figure out a different way to say it. Ditch content that didn’t resonate at all. Recycling good content isn’t about just adding more photos and polishing up what you already have. It’s about totally gutting past content (as good as it may be), using its good bones, and transforming it to fit a brand new objective.

Demo Day!

Whenever Chip and Jo start working on a house, they re-imagine the space, and then they tear out everything that doesn’t fit. But they save the character, the best aspects of the home! This is what you should be doing with your content. Map out topics you’d like to cover each month. Plan on producing content that blends what your business is doing with the season/popular themes for that time of year. Lean on common holidays/themes like “back to school tips” or “Christmas decor ideas on a budget.” Make sure you especially look at posts that have done really well on social media and gotten lots of hits. Jot down catchy titles. Build lists (lists are incredibly popular and easy to read). Answer questions your readers may have (what, why, how, etc.) Remember, look at old content for inspiration while thinking ahead to the transformation.

Old Content

Cater to your audience’s style

Just like every home-buyer has different design taste, every reader digest content differently. Some people like to read, others would prefer to watch a video or analyze an info graphic. As you revamp old content, focus on your delivery. You can breathe new life into past content and make it connect with a totally different audience just by addressing a new aspect of the same content you covered last year. So if you posted tax tips on your blog during tax season 2018, do a Facebook live Q&A during tax season 2019! You may cover some of the same content you did last year, but you’ll get to give your clients a chance to interact with it in a fresh new way.

Of course, if you have any questions about how you can re-purpose instead of re-inventing your content, feel free to reach out to the DotEdison team!