Effective Marketing Email Campaigns: The Basics You Should Know

They’re flooding in! 293 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2019 alone. 

Emails are a cheap and effective way to reach out to thousands of people at one time. Yet the sheer number of emails means it’s very hard for your marketing email campaigns to stand out. If you want your email blasts to be truly effective, you need to get the facts about good email campaigns. 

Who should you send your emails to? What should you write about in your emails? How can you build loyalty with your recipients? 

Answer these questions and you can develop a great email marketing strategy in no time. Here is your quick guide.

marketing email campaigns

Get a List of Recipients

An email marketing strategy centers around the people receiving your emails. Develop a list of email addresses and tailor your email blasts to their needs.

Loyal customers want to know about new services you offer and sales of your products. People new to your company need to know about what your company offers and what your brand is like.

Keep Your Text Brief

An effective email copy is a short copy. You should try keeping your emails under 500 words, and the shorter your emails are, the better. 

Write out drafts of each email you plan on sending out. Then print your emails out and use a pen to cross out all unnecessary details. Adjectives and sentences in the passive voice can be written with stronger verbs and fewer words. 

Create Catchy Subject Lines

The marketing email open rate is largely determined by subject lines. If your line is boring or overwritten, people are unlikely to open your email. Familiarize yourself with how to write a good subject line and practice your lines before you send your emails.

Your subject line should reflect the content of your email. However, it should ask a question or include a detail that encourages your recipient to learn more information. Funny subject lines also work well, but make sure your jokes are appropriate and fit your brand. 

Reward Your Recipients

At the end of your email, you can attach a coupon code or link to exclusive products. This rewards your reader for reaching the end of your email and encourages them to click on future emails. 

Make sure you include a strong call to action that connects back to your company’s website. “Get started today” is okay, but it can be a little generic in email copywriting. Try linking to an important product or blog post that gives your reader valuable information. 

You can combine your emails with interactive marketing. You can ask questions or run quizzes and encourage your recipients to reach back to you with their answers. Whoever provides the best response can receive a prize.

Develop Great Marketing Email Campaigns

Marketing email campaigns require quite a bit of work. Your campaign should be for a particular group of people that you have the contact details for.

Your text should be precise with strong language that encourages your reader to take action. This includes a punchy subject line and an invigorating call to action. You should also reward your reader for their effort, giving them access to your products and interesting information. 

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