Free Business Tools

With the right tools, businesses can accomplish more.
 Below are SIMPLE & FREE tools to help in the five parts of any business.


Sales & Value Delivery

Hate email? Spark’s smart categorization emails will change that. Try Spark for one week, and dive into its features. It’s Smart Inbox automatically groups and organizes emails. Become a believer in Spark.


Social media is a massive media machine consuming over 16 billion people each day. It is the biggest networking event in human history and your business needs to be there. Pick your platform based on your audience, and create a strategy.


Value Delivery

Task, job, or project-based businesses need a software monitoring performance, and Visual Progress holds greatest impact. Trello and Asana are both simple, effective solutions to learn and implement with any team. Another option beneficial in the tech space is Clubhouse, and it adds more complexity and depth to project management.


Financials do not have to be feared if you stick to the basics. Wave is a free service providing Profit and Loss reports, balance sheets, and invoices for customers….


Marketing (Extra Credit)

Mailchimp automated email communication. Examples such as monthly newsletters, time-based coupons, client segment based emails, Educational lead in emails and more. If you are really curious read their 101 document that is to help you get started. It can get overwhelming but this is the tool we use to help our clients.