How to Determine Your Effectiveness And Build a Better Brand

Various factors come into play when you are trying to determine your effectiveness as a brand and build a better one. Let’s look at a few of them.

Sales and Repeat Customers

Depending on how young your business is, it may take you a while to see a significant profit. But a steady increase in sales over time is a good indication your marketing strategy and branding are resonating with your target audience. Acquiring new customers is great, but getting repeat customers is even better. Consequently, if sales are suffering or if you rarely get repeat business from the same customers, you might need to re-evaluate your approach and make adjustments to your marketing strategy.


While comments and likes are typically what we think of when someone mentions engagement, so are reviews and feedback in general. Are you making a lasting impression on your customers (enough to make them leave a review) or are you forgettable? Also, what are your clients saying about you? Is your brand getting positive or negative feedback? Successful brand management should lead to positive engagement. So if your followers are silent or giving your brand negative reviews, you’re missing something.

Website analytics

Website analytics are another great resource for determining your effectiveness as a brand. We’ve said it before: your website is like your online storefront. Just like you track how much and what kind of traffic your physical location gets, you need also take a look at web traffic in order to gauge the effectiveness of your brand. Don’t just look at how much traffic your site gets. Look at how marketing campaigns are doing, traffic sources, average time visitors spend on your website, etc.

Brand effectiveness rarely hinges on one factor. Determine your effectiveness by a combination of successes and oversights. If you feel like you’re missing something or you’d like an expert to take a look at your sales, engagement, or website analytics, reach out to the dotedison team. We’ve got the tools and expertise to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and develop a winning strategy.