How to Livestream Like a Pro

While livestreaming is a great way to connect with customers, there are multiple elements you need to incorporate in order to maintain a professional presence. Let’s look at some ways you can take your livestreaming to the next level.


1. Don’t use a cheap camera

It may not seem like a big deal, but in order to livestream like a pro, your video quality has to be on-point. Good content deserves a good lens, so try to avoid using just your smartphone or laptop cam (unless you have a high-quality one!). It’s better to invest in a good webcam that you can attach to your laptop, phone, or tablet.

2. Temporarily ignore live comments

While you may think immediate replies are a positive thing, answering questions as they come in during a livestream breaks your focus. If you’re constantly glancing at comments and replying:

  • You’ll quickly get off-topic, causing your video to be scattered
  • Listeners will find it difficult to follow your train of thought because you’re constantly interrupting yourself

Doesn’t sound very professional, does it? So periodically stop for a “question and answer time” where you scroll back and reply to viewers’ questions and comments. Be sure to let viewers know at the beginning of the video that you will answer questions momentarily instead of as they come in.

3. Be professional yet friendly

If you’re broadcasting an event over livestream, you have to think about sound, camera angle, etc. But a bit more effort goes into livestreaming a talk or a demonstration. It can be intimidating knowing that everything, from what you’re wearing to how many times you say “so” or “um”, will be analyzed by your audience. To give yourself the confidence to present and prevent stuttering/stalling, practice a bit before you go live. The tone you’re aiming for is confident and poised, but not formal. Write out an outline beforehand so you’re not all over the place. Then, cross off each segment as you broadcast so that if at any point you get off track, you know exactly where you left off.

4. Give it a test run

In addition to practicing your speaking, you need to test all of your equipment as well. Sometimes doing a “test” live video beforehand is a good idea. Let viewers know it’s a test, ask them if they can hear you and see you okay. Use this as a way to troubleshoot and work out the kinks before the actual live video.

5. Build up, follow up

Livestreaming like a pro also means announcing ahead of time that you’ll be doing a live video. Your viewers want to know when they can expect to see you! This also amps up their excitement, especially if you hint at exciting details like a reveal or a new product announcement. Once your livestream ends, post your video to your social media walls. Note: if you are broadcasting live directly through a social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, these sites will often automatically post the livestream video for you. Be sure to go back and manually reply to comments that warrant a response, so that if you accidentally missed answering a question or two during the livestream, those viewers won’t feel left out.

Final thoughts

Livestreaming like a pro doesn’t have to be difficult! With the right tools, practice, and know-how, you can use this powerful tool to draw your customers in and give your brand dimension. Remember to not only speak but also listen to your audience, and use livestreaming as an opportunity to engage them in a fresh, personal way.