How to Make Your Content Stand Out

Your goal is not just for people to click on your page or post. If you focus on that initial interaction too much, you’ll earn measly clicks instead of a loyal following.


Make your content interactive

Creating content that stands out and is easy to share is not just about key words, analytics, and catchy titles (although those things are important). Shareable content is rooted in creativity, interaction, and relationship. When you create content, it should be personal, original, well-researched, and engaging. Keep current trends in mind, and cater to your specific audience. Inviting your followers along makes them feel included, which will inspire them to include others. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Host a giveaway
  2. Get their help choosing the new logo
  3. Have a t-shirt designing contest
  4. Let them know you’re hiring
  5. Create a poll
  6. Create a tutorial (bonus points for photos and videos! People love sharing visual content!)
  7. Do a spotlight or interview on each employee, including favorite super heroes, goals they have, and other personal fun facts.
  8. Make a casual behind-the-scenes video or do a Facebook Live video answering questions.
  9. Host an event (bonus points if it’s free! Ask clients to be sponsors!)

Want to break down the invisible wall that stands between you and your clientele? They don’t work for you in any official capacity, but your customers and followers are your biggest source of advertising! Invest in quality content and you’d be surprised how readily they will respond with a like, comment, or share.