How to Prioritize Online Marketing and Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever


As America continues to reel from the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are scrambling to make sure they don’t get lost or forgotten. Restrictions and lockdowns may limit what business owners are able to do, and you may already be noticing your bottom line suffering because of it. But perhaps this is a good season to shift your focus. With people on their phones more these days tracking COVID-19 updates and staying in touch with family and friends, this may be the perfect time to sharpen your online marketing strategies.

Ramp up ad campaigns

For example, you could boost business right now with ads on social media. Many Americans, despite recommendations to get outdoors and turn off the news for a while, are scrolling their feeds for the latest COVID-19 updates. While no one likes what is happening in the world, don’t feel guilty about shifting gears during this season. If you think social media ads might help your business, let us know.

Give your website a checkup

Another good way to prioritize online marketing is to polish up your website. If your business has had to close its physical doors for a while, we have good news: your online space is immune to coronavirus! So don’t quarantine your brand. As you perhaps work from home a bit and try to maintain relationships you have with clients, use this time to spruce up your website. Update it, streamline it, and optimize it so that it loads quickly and looks great on every device. As chaos ensues around you, find some peace of mind in organizing and prioritizing your online marketing efforts.

Offer discounts

Many families are sticking close to home these days, whether to stay healthy or save money (since many people have been forced to take time away from work.) As budgets shrink, your business may slow too, but try not to lose hope. While you may not make as much as you did before coronavirus, you’ll still be making a profit with each sale of goods or services. So don’t be afraid to offer discounts or promotions to keep your business afloat.

These are stressful times, particularly for business owners. But we’ll get through this together! Know that our team is still here, doing whatever we can to help you with your online marketing efforts.