How to Up Your Marketing Game This Fall

Thanks to crisp leaves, cozy sweaters, college football, and steamy cups of coffee, fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year. It’s also a great time to up your marketing game! Let’s take a look at some simple marketing strategies you can do to boost business this fall.


1. Plan out the rest of the year

Before the holiday rush sneaks up on you, use fall as a time to get organized and create a game plan. Plan out your blog posts for the rest of the year, figure out what discounts and promotions you’re going to run, and prep your inventory and team for the impending increase in orders. If you need to hire more employees to handle the holiday rush, fall is the perfect time to do so!

2. Focus on email and social media

In an effort to bolster your budget for holiday ad campaigns, try pursuing more affordable (but still highly effective!) marketing strategies this fall such as email campaigns and social media posts. Both of these strategies are fairly easy to implement, particularly with the expertise of a highly-skilled marketing team.

3. Embrace the season

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like pumpkin spice anything or you think fall leaves and quotes from Anne of Green Gables are cheesy–if your clients love fall, give them fall! Find creative ways to celebrate the season such as creating a seasonal cupcake flavor (maybe pumpkin maple bacon?) or putting a “pretty leaf” tip jar by the front door of your establishment.

What steps are you taking to up your marketing game this fall? Let’s strategize together!