How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Web Traffic

Boosting website traffic is one of the leading benefits of social media for businesses and represents one of the biggest reasons why nearly all businesses in the US are now on social media platforms. But how can you use social media to increase your web traffic?

We’ve put together this article to outline some of the more effective strategies to use your social media to increase your web traffic.

Constantly Re-Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

When potential clients look at your social media profile, they will make snap judgments. Therefore, you need to be constantly evaluating your profile from the perspective of a customer.

Is your bio distinctive? Does it catch attention and resonate? Is your profile picture engaging? Is it colorful? Is it an accurate reflection of your company? Are your Instagram highlights aesthetic and interesting? Are you making effective use of your Twitter banner? Have you included a link in your bio?

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Get Creative With Your Social Media Platform Choices

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been the leading platforms for businesses for a long time now. But there are other popular social media platforms you can use to boost web traffic.

If your business is image-focused, try Pinterest where you can post clickable photos with pre-set links and captions. If your business is targeted towards a younger market, try Tumblr where you can post funny graphics. If your business involves a designing or production process, take to TikTok where you can film decoration videos or manufacture compilations.

Research the Best Times to Post and Engage

In the US, there is a country-wide shift in the best days and times to post on each social media platform. The best day for Instagram is Sunday, the best day for Twitter is Friday, and the best day for Facebook is Wednesday.

While online activity is highest between 9 AM and 1 PM, we recommend posting before these times because this is when the competition will be highest. If you get your content out in the morning, you’ll be the only one on there and the algorithm will favor you while other businesses are busy competing after 9 AM.

Until recently, Instagram profiles could only include links on stories if they had over 10,000 followers. Now, all accounts can include a Link button that allows viewers to go directly to your website.

With services like Linktree and ShortStack, you can transform the standard link in bio feature into a page capturing all of your content in an easy-to-navigate format for your customers. You can highlight and feature the links you want to promote and all from your bio.

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