ICYMI: Video Marketing is Everything

We could list off a bunch of impressive statistics about how no one is reading anymore, but you probably wouldn’t read it.

Video marketing is everything right now. If you’re not using video, you risk looking like a marketing geezer (alright, that was harsh — but someone had to say it). From 360-videos to Facebook live, social media is practically pleading with us to get behind the proverbial limelight and sell our services via video. For those of us who don’t have fancy video equipment or can’t afford a freelancer, try taking advantage of some of the “free” options out here.

Here are three ways you can jump on the video bandwagon and get hip with the biggest marketing trend:

Facebook Live is a form of video marketing

It’ll feel weird at first. Pointing a camera at your face and talking to your phone isn’t a natural thing. Try it anyway. Marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuck pretty much built his empire on raw phone footage of himself walking through the streets of New York wearing a beanie. Don’t try to set up a makeshift studio for your video — that’ll look weird. Instead, focus on delivering good content that you know your audience will benefit from. Content is always king, even in the video world.

Screencast a demo of your product

Camera shy? Do a screencast. Show your consumers how to use your product in a step-by-step process that is visually engaging. The old adage “show, don’t tell” is what’s at play here. Think of all the Youtube videos out there that show simple processes that at one time probably had a manual.

video marketing
Young vlogger girl showing her shopping on a video

Watch what other people are doing

Like anything else in life, a little bit of research will go a long way. Once you notice all the video coming across your newsfeed, you’ll pick up little tricks for making your videos stick out from the rest. When you come across a particularly engaging video, take note of what you like and try to incorporate it into your next video. Even if you fall on your face, you might be able to market it as a hilarious outtake and go viral.