Why do Impressions Matter?

Your first impression. You’ve heard all your life how important first impressions are, and there’s merit to that idea. You can incorporate this concept into your business and brand in order to stay in consumers’ and potential consumers’ minds and have them coming back.

Research shows that people look for known retailers when they’re shopping for a good or service. How do you make your brand, reputation, social media presence, and even your logo memorable? How do you position your brand to be a powerhouse known retailer?

Impressions with your website…

…you want to tell your story in a clear, concise manner. Your website is the cover of your novel. It only scratches the surface of what you and your business are about, and you want it to entice your audience further. You want your reader to leave your site knowing exactly what your good or service can do for them and why they need it. You don’t want them to leave the site with questions about who you are fundamental.

We know you have a story to tell. How do you want to say it?

Choose your voice. Do you want to be quirky? Powerful? Wholesome? A thought leader in your field? Be sure to employ capable people who can take your voice and speak it into existence with organization and imagery, whatever it is. The website should fully reflect your story and voice clearly; if it does that, then you leave a lasting impression on people.


With your social media presence…

…try different things and study your metrics until you figure out what works. Social media is an ever-changing animal, so you must stay up to date with your knowledge. Test out what types of posts work – polls, videos, photos, infographics, content-driven blog posts, etc. Test out when these posts perform best. When you figure it out, hold onto that and keep doing it. 

How do you want to speak to your customers who connect with you on your social media? It’s all part of your voice, and it’s up to you to decide if you want it to be fun, clever, sassy, serious or a whole plethora of other options.

Have you ever looked at how certain companies respond to their followers, especially those followers who may have complaints? Which ones leave a lasting impression on you? The companies who don’t answer anyone or the ones who seem to truly be trying to help customers and resolve issues? Do you like the businesses who seem to have some teasing fun with their customers? Or, are heartfelt responses what impress you most?

Now, think about this. Have you ever gone somewhere or bought a product because you remembered how that company responded to complaints on their social media? How a business chooses to handle pressure can either be totally impressive or completely off-putting. Stay on top of your social media game  – OR hire a qualified person or team who can do this for you.

The most important takeaway

Decide how you want your business to be portrayed and stick with it. Then your customers and would-be customers will trust you more and feel like they know you.  If your voice is consistent, then they will listen to you. If you’re offering quality service, content or products, then they will keep coming back for more. You will leave an impression on them. This may all seem overwhelming, and the above only simply scratches the surface of a very deep subject.

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