Municipalities & School Systems

Amplifying Voices, Strengthening Bonds.

Fostering Community Success Through Collaborative Marketing.

At dotedison, we firmly believe that the heart of every thriving municipality and school system lies within its community. Our marketing strategies are designed not just to promote, but to actively engage and unite people under shared goals and visions. By collaborating closely with local leaders and educators, we create campaigns that resonate deeply with community values and aspirations. Our approach goes beyond mere communication; it's about forging lasting connections and fostering an environment where every member, especially the youth, feels heard, valued, and inspired. This focus on community-centric marketing isn't just about achieving immediate objectives; it's a commitment to nurturing the roots of society for a brighter, more connected future. With every campaign, we're not just reaching audiences — we're empowering the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers.

municipalities & School Systems
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Dotedison has done a great job on everything from landing pages, to design work, and each strategic campaign. Everyone at our central office has nothing but good things about all the work that has been done. Thank you!

- John Huddleston

Jefferson County Board of Education

School System

Our work with  the Jefferson County School System demonstrates a successful partnership focused on enhancing educational excellence. dotedison's collaborative effort involved creating a comprehensive marketing strategy for the district, encompassing branding, campaigns, and messaging for Signature Academies. These academies offer specialized education in fields like engineering and culinary arts. Dotedison's services, extending to 19 schools and the central office, included diverse marketing tools such as new signage and teacher hiring campaigns. This case exemplifies how Dotedison can help other school systems elevate their educational offerings and community engagement through targeted and effective marketing strategies.


Our work with the City of Gardendale showcases dotedison's comprehensive marketing approach to support a city on the rise. The collaboration involved enhancing branding and consistency across 11 departments, addressing the city's unique growth and proximity to Birmingham. provided a range of marketing tools, from library website development to creating coloring books, aligning with Mayor Stan Hogeland's vision for the city's continual growth. This case exemplifies Dotedison's ability to offer dynamic marketing solutions tailored to the specific needs of municipalities, promoting development and community engagement.

Hear from Stan Hogeland Mayor of Gardendale