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We understand that each service industry business has unique needs, which is why our solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific goals. From cutting-edge SEO and social media campaigns to personalized content creation and data-driven analytics, our team is dedicated to ensuring your services stand out in a competitive marketplace. At, we don't just market your services; we elevate them to new heights, ensuring that every marketing effort translates into tangible growth and success for your business.

Service Guy
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We’ve had some record days in the last few days and this is our slow season. We’re starting to book 2 days ahead and we have never done that, ever!

- Chris Cassidy

Bama Auto Glass

Dotedison has been more than a marketing vendor and closer to a business partner

- Austin Phillips


Lawn Care Business

Since 2016 dotedison started working with EnviroSpray. At that point a harmonious blend of ecological equilibrium and impressive business growth started for both companies. As Austin, the visionary force behind EnviroSpray, recounts, “We were on a mission to amplify the impact of our environmentally conscious services. But it wasn’t until we crossed paths with dotedison that our vision truly sprouted wings.” The stage was set, and the journey began and still continues as you are reading this case study!

Auto Glass Company

After navigating through marketing gimmicks, unmet promises, and random invoices, Bama Auto Glass searched for a genuine marketing partner who understood their unique industry needs. Ever since 2019, they have been enjoying a steady boost in visibility, engagement, and customer turnouts.

No wonder they’ve been with us for all these years!

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