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4 Essentials Your Website Must Have

According to data from the Global Web Index, about 81% of people search for a product or service online. That means that your website is the first introduction many people have to your business. First impressions are everything.  If you want to introduce your brand or business in a memorable way, here are 4 things…

How to Learn From Failure Without Wasting Time & Resources

There’s a myth in business that success means perfection on the first try. We think that if we fail, we must scrap everything we’ve done and start over again. If this sounds discouraging to you, you’ll be pleased to hear that failure does not always necessitate starting over. In fact, failure is a tool that…

Why Content Advertising is More Important Than You Think

Whether you’re a startup or a multi-billion dollar corporation, when it comes to marketing, creating quality content relevant to your brand is (and should remain) a top priority. But if you want to gain new followers, grow your brand, and extend your reach, there’s one key ingredient you can’t overlook and that is content advertising.…

How to Work Effectively with the Next Generation

Tips to help you successfully lead and collaborate with the next generation To older generations, Generation Z may be perplexing and, therefore, difficult to work with. But what they lack in experience Gen Zers make up for in enthusiasm and tech-savviness. So how do you lead and connect with a generation that is so different…

Social Media Terms You Should Know and Understand

Seeing your following numbers go up is exciting, isn’t it? Unfortunately, if your content isn’t being seen and interacted with, those numbers can give you a false confidence that your social media strategy is stronger than it actually is. If you want to give your social game a real boost, here are three social media…

How to Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Some business owners post aimlessly on social media, choose ad campaigns based on their own preferences, and are still wondering why they only get 3 likes on posts and are still at 20 followers. Sound familiar? While you may reach people here and there using this method, gaining real traction and expanding your customer base…

The Profit of Rest: Why You Should Take Time for Yourself

Does taking time for yourself seem counterproductive to your goals? Are you “all work and no play?” Some of the most successful people in the world prioritize rest and invest in themselves! Here are some reasons why taking time for yourself is beneficial and worthwhile. To be more productive “Work harder and smarter, for shorter…

Email Marketing vs. Text Message Marketing vs. Direct Mail

To turn your businesses’ prospects into sales and keep previous customers coming back, you need to market to them directly. Direct marketing gets customers’ attention and makes them feel valued, which leads to sales and brand loyalty. There are several different direct marketing strategies to choose from, including email marketing, text message marketing, and direct…

Social Media Advertising vs. Google Ads

Social media ads and Google ads are both effective ways to promote your business online – but which one should you focus on? Both of these strategies have pros and cons, and many companies use both to expand their reach. You need a strong online presence to reach your audience, and it’s essential to know…

The Art of the Call to Action (CTA)

What Is Call to Action? Call to Action (or CTA) is a marketing term to encourage your target audience to engage. This ultimately turns your website guests into potential or even actual customers! Crafting a great CTA should not be underestimated as it increases the chances that the consumer will click on the ad. Perfect…

Spring Business Strategies from the dotedison Team

Spring is here! Time to get organized, spruce up the office, and apply smart business strategies to your brand! In need of some inspiration? Our team has you covered. Here at dotedison, we’ve learned a lot over the years about what makes a business successful, and we’d like to share some of these practical tips…

Change is Unavoidable Learn How to Embrace It

For many Americans, the first half of 2020 held quite a bit of change. With the sweep of COVID-19, businesses, the economy, and even family landscapes shifted. Your business and your home were, no doubt, affected in some way by this. Perhaps you had to juggle your children learning from home while simultaneously working from…
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4 Tips to Help Your Business Generate More Clients via Social Media

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Create the Right Mindset for Success

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5 Tips to Create Your Perfect Marketing Plan

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SEO 101: Learn the Basics of SEO