Want to be remembered? How a Memorable Logo Can Easily Help

Creating a memorable logo is just one piece of a much larger marketing goal.

First impressions present a powerful opportunity to either connect or disconnect with customers. Think of your logo as your first impression, the face of your business. Everything your business puts out, from business cards to letterheads, bears your logo — your “coat of arms” if you will. This is why creating a memorable logo is so crucial to your identity as a business.


Think of your logo as your business’ signature

Consider your signature. When you sign documents, you want your signature to be easy to write, noticeable, and recognizable. Similarly, your logo needs to be easy to replicate, able to be recognized and memorized in a flash, and relevant to your business.

“If people can’t remember what your logo looks like, they won’t remember your brand.”



While those may sound like strong words, your brand and logo ought to be truly that synonymous. Case and point: describe a logo you can’t remember the name of the company it belongs to. *crickets*

Get help with the actual design

Ultimately, paying a designer to work with you on creating a tight logo would be better than settling for a sub-par one you came up with yourself. That logo is going to appear on everything you put out and will be seen by every customer. It has to be good.

If you’re having difficulty designing a memorable logo or choosing between designs, try reaching out to your customers! Ask around and see if anyone has experience in graphic design or branding. Chances are, you have a handful of clients who are talented designers. Invite them to participate in a logo design competition, where designers can submit their logo designs to be voted on. The design with the most votes wins a prize and could be used (on a test-run basis) as your logo for a set amount of time. If you see positive returns on the logo, keep it!


Exercise the KISS principle

The KISS principle stands for “keep it simple stupid” and ought to be foundational to your logo design. The most well-known brands in the world don’t have complicated, fancy logos. Simplicity is the name of their game, and that’s exactly the kind of thinking you have to adopt when you’re designing a logo for your business.

Still struggling to come up with a memorable logo design? Don’t keep spinning your wheels if it’s not getting you anywhere. Take a step back and come at it from a different angle. Perhaps you need to consult a marketing professional. Maybe you’re having difficulty coming up with a logo because your brand isn’t as defined as it should be. DotEdison can help you polish up your brand so that your customers can recognize and remember you. Let us know how we can help!