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Boost your Birmingham business with targeted local SEO, community engagement through events and partnerships, and strategic social media presence. Gain trust by showcasing local testimonials and offer exclusive promotions for Birmingham residents. Stand out in the local market with these effective marketing strategies.

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Defining a Brand Identity

Crafting a resilient brand foundation involves defining core values, evoking meaningful emotions, and ensuring consistency across platforms. Embrace change, communicate essence consistently, and forge enduring connections in the dynamic digital landscape.

Crafting Memorable Brand Identities

Explore the showcase of meticulously crafted brand identities by Dotedison, where each design unfolds a distinctive story. Delve into the behind-the-scenes narratives of our clients, witnessing the strategic journeys that have shaped memorable brands. At dotedison, our creative process goes beyond design, weaving compelling stories that resonate with each client's vision and values.

Clean 85

Clean 85 embarked on its journey as TSC Service & Supply, facing the challenge of being frequently associated with Tractor Supply Co. due to the acronym. In a quest to establish a unique online brand identity, the decision was made to incorporate '85' into the name, signifying the year of establishment. This strategic move not only differentiated them but also allowed for a distinct brand they could truly own. The transformation extended beyond nomenclature, encompassing a visual shift from an old logo to a new, revitalized design. This evolution reflects Clean 85's commitment to forging an independent identity and sets the stage for their continued growth and success in the market.

BP Dudley

At dotedison, we had the privilege of collaborating with BP Dudley, a client with an established name but in need of a brand refresh. Their outdated logo lacked appeal, featuring a dull color scheme that didn't resonate with their brand identity. We embarked on a journey to revitalize their image, crafting a new logo that exuded modernity and personalized charm tailored specifically to their business. By brightening up the color scheme and introducing contemporary elements, we transformed their brand, presenting a stark comparison between the old and new logos. The revamped logo now reflects the essence of BP Dudley, capturing a fresh and vibrant identity that aligns seamlessly with their vision and values.


Envirospray, formerly known as AWP in its early stages, marked the inception of Austin's vision. While AWP represented the starting point, Austin sought a brand that could evolve and stand out against competitors, conveying the simplicity of his service and mission. Recognizing the need for growth and distinctiveness, Dotedison stepped in with a comprehensive marketing strategy. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques and a deep understanding of EnviroSpray's values, we crafted a campaign that resonated directly with environmentally-conscious consumers. The transformation from the old logo to the new one encapsulates not just a visual evolution but a strategic repositioning, symbolizing the alignment of the brand with its values and the dynamic vision for the future.

WOI (Women of Insurance)

Women of Insurance (WOI) sought to redefine their brand identity, shifting towards a more luxurious and modern aesthetic with the goal of increasing brand recognition. In response, we transformed their previous logo into a sophisticated and high-end design, carefully selecting a color palette that reflected their desired journey. To enhance the brand's connection to its name, we introduced a woman's face into the logo, creating a visually striking yet elegant symbol. The contrast between the old and new logos showcases the successful evolution of WOI, aligning their visual representation with their aspirations for a more refined and contemporary image.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Understanding Your Target Audience

Customer journey mapping is essential for gaining insights into user experiences. It goes beyond promoting a business, focusing on empathizing with individuals. By identifying key touchpoints and pain points, you can create a landing page that authentically resonates, navigating the nuanced landscape of human experiences.

Competitive Market Research

Gain a competitive edge in your target market by conducting thorough competitive market research, uncovering opportunities, and refining your approach. Stay agile, emphasize customer value, and leverage insights to strategically position yourself for success in the dynamic business landscape.

The Key to Brand Success in Birmingham

For Birmingham businesses, upholding brand consistency is paramount. It not only reinforces brand recognition but also builds trust within the local community, fostering a strong and unified market presence. This commitment to consistency enhances marketing effectiveness, ensuring businesses in Birmingham stand out and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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