Paid vs. Earned Media: Making Informed Marketing Investments For Your Goals

All marketers today grapple with allocating budgets between paid and earned media. Paid vs. Earned Media: Paid media refers to advertising channels you pay to utilize and control – like social ads, TV spots, and Google AdWords. Earned media stems from third-party credibilities, like PR features, word-of-mouth, and reviews.

Each route offers advantages that suit different business situations and goals:

Paid Media Payoffs

Paid vs. Earned Media

Great for:

  • Generating quick leads & conversions due to instant placement
  • Targeting precise demographics & interests
  • Full creative control and messaging consistency
  • Clear measurement through analytics like cost per click

Earned Media Efficiencies

Great for:

  • Improving brand awareness rapidly via expanded (free) reach
  • Building credibility through third-party endorsements
  • Securing press: a feature that can spike sales overnight
  • Cultivating community goodwill and brand affinity

B2B or service companies often focus earned media efforts on shaping perception. B2C product companies prioritize paid media for direct sales lift. But rarely pursuing both limits potential.

The truth is that paid and earned media work best together – when tightly aligned to serve overarching goals. Reframe decisions as an “and,” not an “either/or” choice.

But how much of your precious marketing dollars do you allot to each?

Pinpoint Your Prime Business Priorities

Start by confirming your core marketing priorities and objectives for the quarter or year. Be specific – do you need to:

  • Boost brand visibility immediately?
  • Add and convert high-quality leads as cost-efficiently as possible?
  • Increase revenue by 15% in Q3?

Then, determine precisely how paid and earned media help fuel those goals.

For example, if branded growth is urgent, then earned media rules – expanded reach and heightened credibility can completely shift perception fast, lifting all boats.

But if hitting immediate sales targets matters most, heavily prioritize paid channels. Their directly traceable conversions clearly connect spend to tangible ROI.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your marketing strategies. Stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors. Be ready to adapt your strategy, experiment with new channels or messages, and learn from successes and failures.

In a dynamic city like Birmingham, staying agile and open to change can keep your brand relevant and ensure your media strategies continue to deliver optimal results.

Partner with Dotedison

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