Credit Card Processing

It Just Makes Sense

As a business-focused agency when we see a problem then our goal is to solve that issue. It is how dotedison marketing was started. We saw businesses needed a full marketing solution but the options were poor. So we created a solution that serviced the business with a total solution.

Another issue we kept running into was credit card processing. The over-complicated, fear and misunderstanding of charges made us feel we could provide a better experience for our clients. Of course, we also knew we could save them money as well!


2.9% + 30¢

per transaction




2.9% + 30¢

per transaction




3.4% + 25¢

per transaction




3.5% + 15¢

per transaction



Most of the people we have worked with get confused with what they are being charged and in reality how all this works. Card present, online charges, American Express, international charges to a multitude of other items can affect the rate you are getting with each transaction. We have used all of these services above, they all offer their own benefits from a Point of Sale to accounting system and more. If we had to recommend one Stripe would be the best solution, but you have to know how to integrate it and so then it starts to come down to ease of use.

Dotedison Payment Solutions can provide 2.75 +15¢ per transaction

In Person & Online

We can give you a better rate than ANY other vendor. Our focus is on your business success.

Easy to Use

A single vendor you can count on for ALL transaction types, PCI compliance, and more we save you time and money.  

Simple Solutions

We can handle it all from your point of sale, e-commerce, & accounting software integration.

Do you really know your current rate? They can show lower for different reasons, use someone you can trust that has your business's best interest in mind. Simplify your processing solution with dotedison payment solutions powered by cardconnect.