Photo Tools: Where to Get FREE Photos for Your Projects (Legally)


We’ve always stressed how good content plays a crucial role in your marketing strategy, and visual content is no exception. Whether you’re posting an event to social media or creating a flyer, it’s important you use photos to promote your business. That being said, photos can either enhance or cheapen your brand’s appearance to customers, so make sure you only use high-quality photos in your marketing resources.

free photos

Free photo resources

If you’re looking for high quality, free photos that you can use for your commercial projects, here are some suggested sites to explore:

All of the photos on the above websites fall under a CC0 license or “creative commons license,” which means they are public domain, can be used for personal and commercial projects, and require no attribution. Oftentimes the photos are taken by aspiring artists who simply want to share their work with the world and don’t mind their art being used by the general public.

Free vs. Paid

Of course, other sites like Envato Elements, Getty Images, etc. also provide high quality, royalty-free photos, but they do charge membership fees. As you determine which option is best for your business, free or paid, consider the following factors:

  • what kind of business you have
  • how many photos you need
  • whether or not you have the budget to buy photos
  • how many photos you can provide yourself
  • whether or not free sites have the kind of photos you need

Closing thoughts

Although there are some exceptions to the CC0 license, sites that provide CC0 photos are incredible resources. They allow you to use the photos with the peace of mind that they are both free and legal for you to use for your business.

If you have any questions about how to use photos to support your written content, feel free to reach out!