Create Substantial Content–Quality vs. Quantity

Content Creation

With so many voices on the internet, it’s tempting to post a lot of content in hopes of getting more clicks. While it does feel good to see your content reach a lot of people, it’s important to not sacrifice quality in the process. What’s the point of getting a lot of people to your site just to read 3 sentences of cheap content and move on?


Ideally, you want to post a decent amount of quality content on a regular basis. But that isn’t always feasible. Curating content with substance takes time and skill. You may not have much of either! Of course, delegating your content output to someone else is a huge help. But if you are trying to do everything yourself, opt for quality vs. quantity. Better for your content to be high quality and impress a few people than no one at all.

Unfortunately, the internet has been cheapened by sub-par content. This gives you great opportunity, however, to stand out. Use the web as a platform for purposeful, natural, relevant content. Don’t post just for the sake of posting. And don’t assume quality automatically equals long. You can create a meaningful blog post using 200-300 words! In fact, some studies have shown articles of this length actually resonate better with readers.