Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts

Online Marketing Efforts

Ever heard the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” This phrase is commonly used when a person is trying to juggle multiple responsibilities and failing at all of them. Does this sound like your online marketing department?

Marketing efforts

In order for your marketing efforts to succeed, you have to stop shooting in the dark. Sit down and decide what avenues of marketing you’d like to use for your business. Perhaps you want to focus on your blog and email newsletters. Or maybe your business would benefit from online videos, better product photos, etc. (visual marketing). During the planning stage, don’t focus on what your abilities are. Just decide what areas need some tlc.

Once you’ve outlined what primary channels you want to utilize, analyze how you’re going to reach your goals. Do you have the time to do the writing yourself or do you need to hire someone to do it for you? Are you gifted in photography or own a good camera to take those product shots or would that employee who takes really good pictures and has an SLR be better for the job? Is there anything you are doing well already? If so, stick with it!

Notice one area that is failing miserably? Either create a definite action plan to tackle it or bookmark it and move on to something you know is going to work. It’s good to challenge yourself, but don’t waste time spinning your wheels. Accomplishing a few goals with excellence is better than attempting many and failing.