The Art of the Call to Action (CTA)

What Is Call to Action?

Call to Action (or CTA) is a marketing term to encourage your target audience to engage. This ultimately turns your website guests into potential or even actual customers! Crafting a great CTA should not be underestimated as it increases the chances that the consumer will click on the ad.

Perfect Your CTA

There are several ways in which to perfect your CTA. The first one is to use persuasive language. The use of convincing language encourages consumers to engage. Emphatic language, such as “start your free trial now” gains the attention of the guest and is likely to elicit action on their part. Selection of the most appropriate colors is also another important aspect of a successful CTA.

Research has shown that different colors result in different reactions from consumers. Red, for example, encourages energy and excitement while blue gives one a sense of trust. Yellow can help consumers to feel enthusiastic about the product.

call to action

Placement Matters

Placement of your CTA button is vital as it needs to be in a position where your consumer is most likely to take action. Placing the button on your landing page, above the fold, increases the likelihood that it will be seen and you do not have to rely on guests having to scroll through further content.

Any great CTA creates a sense of urgency in the consumer, prompting them to take the action you desire. This can be achieved with the use of key action phrases such as, “now” or “today”. Pay attention, however, not to become too enthusiastic as this can put customers off. Try and avoid phrases such as “best” or “biggest” as this often does not ring true.

Creation of the ideal Call to Action for your target audience can seem overwhelming but if you keep the above points in mind, you are well on your way to achieving success with your potential customers!