404 Errors and Other Website Glitches That Annoy Your Clients

Website Glitches

When clients visit your website, you want them to be able to browse easily and efficiently. While you may have a great looking site, could it be that you are turning some customers away with website glitches? Let’s look at some of the top website malfunctions that annoy your clients.

website glitches
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Error Messages

Have you ever been browsing the internet and been given an error code page? If it’s frustrating for you, it’s frustrating for your clients! Some of the most common online error codes are “404 Not Found,” “403 Forbidden,” and “400 Bad Request.” To keep an eye out for these errors, browse your own website occasionally and click around. If you notice an error, copy the link that is causing the error and bring it to the attention of your web design/host company. They can help you fix these errors so that customers aren’t turned away by them.

Slow load times

Is your website prone to loading slowly? We can’t think of a single customer who likes waiting for slow sites to load. In fact, they may even leave your site and look for what they need elsewhere because your site is still only showing your logo. Don’t lose customers or potential clients due to slow load times. Talk to your website manager about streamlining your site to speed things up.

Not optimized for mobile

In a world where people rely on their phones more and more for web browsing, it’s crucial that you optimize your website for mobile devices. HostingFacts.com says that “by 2019, 63.4 percent of all mobile phone users will access the Internet from their mobile phones.” Websites are tricky in that they don’t necessarily automatically look the same way on phones as they do on desktops or even tablets, for that matter. Make sure your website is easy to browse on mobile devices so that you don’t lose precious customers.

Ridding your site of glitches is not a glamorous aspect of business ownership, but it’s a critical step that you can’t afford to skip. Need some help? Let dotedison help you give your customers a beautiful and hassle-free browsing experience.