What Is Brand Consistency and Why Is It Important?

What is brand consistency?

Brand consistency is a term used to describe regular, standardized marketing of your brand across all platforms including blogs, social media, and advertising. Every time you put your brand out there, it should communicate the exact same mission, goals, and product. Essentially, it should look exactly the same no matter what context it appears. Your marketing goal (second only to delivering quality content, of course) should be to maintain brand consistency.

Brand Consistency

Why is brand consistency so important?

Brand consistency is crucial to your business because without it, you are forgettable. Anyone can post, write, snap a pic and add a hashtag. It takes practice and skill to be a brand. But it’s well-worth the effort! Maintaining and defining your brand the exact same way every. single. time. makes you memorable and recognizable. Consider some of the most successful brands (Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike). What do they all have in common? Their brand is consistent. Every time you see an ad, visit their Facebook page, browse their Instagram feed, or visit their website they use the same colors, style, and tone. Their brand is consistent and it has paid off in the form of brand loyalty. Customers like what is familiar. They like to know what they’re paying for. Is your brand consistent?