Why Content Advertising is More Important Than You Think

Whether you’re a startup or a multi-billion dollar corporation, when it comes to marketing, creating quality content relevant to your brand is (and should remain) a top priority. But if you want to gain new followers, grow your brand, and extend your reach, there’s one key ingredient you can’t overlook and that is content advertising.

content advertising

What is content advertising?

If content is king, advertising is queen, and the two of them together form a powerful force that can elevate your brand. When we think of advertising, we typically think of an image or a simple tag line. But advertising can be far more complex than that. Campaigns, visual content, promotions–these are all elements that can add a bit of zing to your brand and push it further than the traditional ad or commercial. It’s called content advertising, and it’s essentially creating quality content and then packaging it in a particularly creative, targeted, interactive, and digestible way.

Good content advertising makes your customers feel less like consumers and more like family; it’s a powerful way to connect with current customers and attract new ones.

The how to’s of effective content advertising

Content advertising may be tricky at first, but the good news is, you don’t have to do it all yourself! An experienced marketing team can help you develop quality content and turn it into effective advertising. This adds value to your brand.

The goal with content advertising is to cut through the noise, build relationships, and inspire customers to share your product/service! This may involve some trial and error. You may have to try something new or step outside your comfort zone. But in the end, customers like it when you’re real with them. They like it when you give them opportunities to “experience,” interact with, and even affect change in your brand. It makes them feel a part of something, and customers love that feeling.

Why is content advertising important?

Think of content advertising as a booster. It accelerates your content further, putting it right in front of prime audiences to gain followers and increase visibility in a highly effective way. When customers feel like they are being seen, heard, and valued, their response is often to engage, follow, share, like, and buy.

Have you put your content to work yet? Our team knows the importance of creating meaningful, relevant content and knows how to bolster it with strategic content marketing. Don’t neglect this valuable component of your marketing strategy!