Why You Should Have a Company Vision

A surprising number of business owners fail to have a vision for their company beyond the goal to sell a particular product or service and make money. They may have a mission statement that explains their current goals, but they haven’t defined in a statement their dreams and expectations for the future.

It Makes Your Business More Attractive

If you want like-minded employees who feel inspired and motivated to help you achieve your vision, then you need a vision statement that explains it to existing and potential employees. You need to show workers that you and they have a similar vision for the future or that your vision is at least worthy of their time and effort. Additionally, beyond your employees, you need to share your vision with members of your target market to draw their interest and give them additional reasons, beyond your products and services, to remain loyal to your brand.


It Guides Your Decisions During Tough Times

No matter what happens locally or in the world, your vision statement can help you maintain focus when you might otherwise lose direction. A lot of business owners who don’t have a vision statement shift their long-term goals as soon as something goes wrong. Those with a long-term vision keep that vision in mind and do everything they can to come up with solutions to emergencies that benefit them in the short term so that they can then refocus on their vision.

It Provides Guidance During Good Times as Well

When you have a vision, you make certain that everything you do with your business today, tomorrow, and each day after help you achieve it. When you don’t have a vision, you allow too many ideas space in your thoughts. Not only can you lose focus and become disorganized when you only focus on today, but you might suddenly allow one of these ideas that have nothing to do with your dreams sidetrack you and drastically, perhaps negatively, change how you do business.

It Gives Every Marketing Campaign a Clear Direction

Why does your business exist? What is its purpose? Where do you see it a few years from now? When you have a vision, you can answer these questions. You can also make your business more attractive to your target audience and your community when you talk about your vision and outline it in marketing materials.

For example, a company that makes environmentally friendly toner and hopes in a year that their products can convince consumers to stop supporting less eco-friendly options can attract people seeking more eco-friendly office printing solutions with their vision statement. Additionally, knowing your vision can help you recognize the best groups of people to market your product and services to over time.

At Dotedison Marketing, our team of experienced marketing professionals helps owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses and organizations to work toward their dreams and achieve success. We can help you determine your vision and express it in ways that make it attractive to employees, vendors, partners, and members of your target audience.

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