Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

If you currently have or are thinking of starting a small business, one of the first things you should do is get a website. Here’s why.

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Having a website boosts your relevance and customer satisfaction rate.

Everything, from shopping to booking a hotel room, is shifting toward the internet. It’s crucial that your small business evolve and do the same. Sometimes small business owners think it’s unnecessary to have a website because they’re “getting plenty of business without one,” but what you want isn’t the most important thing. Your customers and potential customer base want and expect to find you online.

Having a website answers your customers’ questions without them having to make phone calls or write emails, and it gives you a chance to make a knockout first impression without ever even meeting them! Thus, having a website (a good one, we might add) for your small business is vital to the relevance of your brand and your customer satisfaction rate.

What you want isn’t the most important thing. Your customers and potential customer base want and expect to find you online.


Having a website improves your online visibility.

The internet is vast and endless, which can sometimes intimidate small business owners. Instead of living in fear that your business will blend into the world wide web, get a website and put yourself into the running! Tap into the expanse; give yourself the chance to be discovered by more people. There are countless individuals searching the internet right now, potentially searching for the exact product or service your business provides. Let them find you! You are certain to remain invisible if you never even try to be seen.

If you are easy to find, you are easy to share.

While some marketing rules stay true, regardless of trends, the internet is the biggest and best way to discover and share what we love today. People are sending their friends links to websites of businesses they like. They’re asking for recommendations on Facebook. They’re reading Yelp and Google Reviews. Having a website is like having an address on the internet. It’s like handing out business cards remotely to anyone that is searching for what you offer. Why would you remain “unlisted” if you are trying to attract buyers and grow your business?

Good businesses understand the importance of catering to their clientele. Having a website will not only satisfy your customers’ needs but also it will enhance your brand and potentially bring in new customers!